More and more companies and households go green with their power source. Since 2008, land for solar farms has been highly in-demand. Did you know that it takes hundreds to thousands of solar piles to create solar farms? Luckily, using a solar pile driver is ideal for this job.

What is a Solar Pile Driver?

Solar pile drivers are a type of pile driver that enables clean solar energy. Businesses and homeowners have a major incentive to get power from renewable sources. Versatile solar power is becoming a more affordable option. Solar pile drivers are needed for quickly installing solar panels by accurately driving piles underground to support solar racks and panels. Solar pile and post drivers must adapt to rocky or wet ground and steep inclines. Like other pile drivers, solar post drivers can function on steam, diesel, or hydraulic power.

Four Benefits of a Solar Pile Driver in Construction

According to the Energy Department, there’s a clean energy revolution in all of America. The solar industry in the United States is booming, and solar pile driving is the way to go. Here are things that make a solar pile driver ideal:

  1. You Can Finish the Project Fast

    It’s no joke having to drive several hundred to thousands of solar piles into the ground. Solar farms can’t afford delays, and there are plenty of deadlines and contracts to observe. We need clean and renewable energy now. With solar pile drivers, trust that you can complete the project fast. Solar farms – and clean energy – will be within reach in no time.

  2. Accurately Drive Solar Piles into the Ground 

    If you want to finish your solar farm projects on-time, it’s better to use pile drivers. Solar panels need support from sturdy piles. The placement has to be right. Nowadays, solar pile drivers use software and GPS technology so you can drive solar piles accurately. You can finally say goodbye to your worries of do-overs.

  3. There Is No Need for Clean-Ups

    After every construction project, you can almost always expect a clean-up. There will be scrap, excess trimmings, and unused materials. Even working on green projects is not excluded from needing clean-ups after. But that isn’t the case in solar pile driving. Because there’s no digging, there’s no mess after. Easily bury piles in rocky grounds, steep inclines, or wetlands, and you’re good to go.

  4. You Can Save More on Time, Money, and Labor

    If there’s one thing that makes solar pile drivers ideal, it’s the savings that come from peak efficiency. Save time by installing hundreds of piles in one go. Finishing projects fast helps protect you from penalties. Putting piles in the right place saves you from the costs of do-overs. No clean-ups mean no additional clean-up costs.

    Using a piece of equipment instead of manual labor is also favorable. We all know that in some cases, human handiwork can be superior. However, driving solar piles into the ground is very heavy work. Not to mention, precision is key. With solar post drivers, you can save more with a smaller workforce using the proper equipment.

Find an Efficient Solar Pile Driver at IAI USA

Working on solar farms? In this day and age, machines are a necessity for helping make our lives and jobs easier. Got hundreds or thousands of solar piles to install? Time to say goodbye to drilling holes and using your hands for solar pile driving.

Find the ideal solar pile driver here at International Attachments, Inc. With our big selection of pile drivers, you can surely find the perfect equipment at the right price. Got questions? Call us at 877-219-1962 or get a price quote here.