If you’re wondering what mini pulverizers and crushers are, the answer is simple. They make any demolition job simple and efficient.

These attachments are compact, which makes them easy to transport and move around. They also fit most standard demolition excavators that you won’t have to worry about incompatibilities.

These excavator attachments may be quite small, but they pack a punch when it comes to getting the job done. These powerful fixed head crushers and hydraulic pulverizers are perfect for top-down and secondary demolition.

Uses of Mini Pulverizers and Crushers

Mini pulverizers and crushers are useful in quite a number of industries, including coal, mining and recycling, and construction. They are handy in landscaping, road bases, construction sites and many other applications.

1.      Recycle concrete debris.

Concrete is so tough that it does not easily break down in landfills. While new buildings are being erected, older ones need to be demolished to give way to these new structures. Most buildings are up to 80 percent concrete, so where do these piles of rubbles go? Landfills indeed can’t contain all of them, and to be honest, it is a waste of valuable resources.

Concrete crushers and mini pulverizer are used to break down concrete, which can then make new cement or as an aggregate. Recycled concrete is so durable and resists the elements, sunlight, pests, and impacts. As such, you won’t be just saving money, but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment.

2.      Separate rebars from concrete.

A mini pulverizer and crusher are powerful enough that they can cut through sturdy reinforcing bars (or rebars) as well as light steel structures. These attachments are what you need for fast disintegration and separation of rebars from concrete.

Because you won’t be transporting huge steel structures, you’ll be saving a considerable amount in transportation costs. Besides, you don’t have to throw away anything because the cut-up rebars can be useful in making recycled steel or sold for scrap.

3.      Turn concrete into gravel.

Concrete crushers and pulverizers break down reinforced concrete from a building demolition site. They can turn 2-foot concrete chunks into gravel fill, which can be used in pipe bedding, roads, and other applications.

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