Hydraulic Concrete Pile Crusher & Pile Breaker

Hydraulic Pile Breakers

The hydraulic pile breaker is an advanced, efficient and time-saving system for trimming concrete outcrops and foundation piles.

The pile breaker produces a perfect horizontal pile cutting finish, it doesn’t damage the reinforcement or leave cracks below the cut-off level. This efficient pile cutting system is
extremely modular, making it easy to adjust to each concrete pile diameter at the site.

The pile breaker is many times faster than the traditional concrete breaking process and is fully automated throughout its operation. The concrete pile breaker is easy to handle and
maintain as it doesn’t require special skills. This reduces risk costs and extends its service life.

  • Adjustable and maneuverable
  • Safe Chain with CE certification
  • Suitable for different construction requirements
  • Made of cast steel with long service
  • Improved design with drill rods for higher reliability
  • Comes with a unique lifting frame

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