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Demolition Attachments & Hydraulic Attachments

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International attachments

We specialize in demolition attachments & hydraulic attachments. We can help you find the right hydraulic attachment for your needs and budget. Our attachments come with a 3 year warranty, a price match guarantee & free shipping in the USA

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Expert Help

We’ll help you find the right demolition or hydraulic attachment at the right price.  We can customize a solution for your needs.

Big Selection

We have a big selection of demolition attachments and hydraulic attachments from crushers, pulverizers, shears, pile drivers, hydraulic hammers & much more.

Discount Prices

You get some of the best prices in the industry, with our unique price match guarantee.
We’ll make sure you get the right attachment
at the right price.

Free Shipping *

All attachments ship free to locations in the United States. In addition, all of machines come with a three year warranty.

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Demolition Attachment Specialist

We specialize in demolition & hydraulic attachments.


Huge selection


Low price guarantee


Free shipping in the United States


Custom solutions for your needs

International Attachments specializes in demolition attachments & hydraulic attachments. You get knowledgeable help, competitive prices, & free shipping in the USA

Auger Attachments

Highest-quality earth auger drills for excavators, crane truck, backhoes, and skid steer loaders. read more

Demolition Breakers

Our hydraulic demolition breakers will help you get the most from your excavation equipment.

read more

Demolition Shears

Powerful scrap shears designed for cutting through structural steel, pipes, tanks, and iron sheets.

read more

Fixed Pulverizers

Perfect for concrete pulverization and recycling pulverization work.

read more

Hydraulic Drilling Rigs

This hydraulic drilling rig is specifically designed for civil construction and piling projects and can drill to a maximum depth of 15 metres.

read more

Mini Crushers & Pulverizers

Enjoy unparalleled functionality and versatility with the Hydraulic Concrete Multi Crusher.

read more

Pile Breakers

The hydraulic pile breaker is an advanced, efficient and time-saving system for trimming concrete outcrops and foundation piles. 

read more

Pile Drivers

Economic, Accessible, Low Noise, Powerful Vibration, Build in Control Valves, Simple Line Installation and Easy Operation.

read more

Rail Cutters

The hydraulic rail cutter is the most widely used attachment in the construction of railway lines.

read more

Rotational Crushers

Rotational demolition crushers are designed to satisfy most construction demolition needs, especially those that pertain to construction raw material processing.

read more

Rotational Pulverizers

The RV rotating hydraulic pulverizer is specially designed to meet all of your primary and secondary demolition needs.

read more

Solar Pile Drivers

These machines drive both steel and wooden posts/piles. They are built with quality components from reputable, globally recognized brands. Every component is individually selected and evaluated to ensure you are getting the very best, most efficient, reliable and productive options available.

read more

Solar Washers

These efficient solar washers clean approximately 3700 to 4200 square metres per hour. Proven to increase efficiency by at least 15 to 20%.

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International Attachements

Since 2006, we’ve been known as “the contractor’s friend”, a trusted provider of hydraulic attachments and demolition attachments at competitive prices.

We have a combined strenth of more than 100 years worth of experience, industry knowledge, resources and skill.  We have extensive experience in all of our demolition products including hydraulic attachments and demolition attachments.

We have what it takes to help you, and we specialize in the tools you need to get the job done.

You work directly with a friendly, knowledgeable expert in hydraulic attachments and demolition attachments.  We carry a wide variety of high quality equipment at lower prices, with a three year warranty and free shipping in the United States.  We’ll also price match any legitimate quote.

Need it fast? We can work with you to get you the right equipment for your needs, as fast as possible.

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