Hydraulic Excavator Auger Attachment

High Quality Auger Attachments

Our auger attachments gives you the best in performance, quality, reliability
and affordability.

It fits on most every backhoe, crane truck, excavator & skid steer loaders.

Our excavator augers are simple, reliable, efficient, and come with the ability to quickly and easily change the drive socket depending on the size of your auger needs.

These hydraulic augers can now handle all your earth auger needs.

REA hydraulic augers are built to be durable and long lasting with an upgraded gearbox and non-dislodgement shaft that makes them ideally suited to pile driving and drilling in most soil conditions.

  • Comes with extra hard forged hood ears to cope with heavy strains
  • The hose is made of absolutely high-quality materials
  • Most reliable top-quality hydraulic motors available today
  • The planetary gear multiplies the motors output torque with extreme efficiency
  • Durable and reliable

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