Hydraulic Shear Cutter

The RC 2000 mobile rail cutter is an attachment designed for the professionals, it allows a fast and effective cut of standard train and tramway rails. The RC 2000 substitute the traditional, expensive oxy-fuel cutting and allows to save time and money. The RC 2000 run at 260 bar oil pressure so it can be set also on rail converted operating machine. The attachment is equipped with a hydraulic 360° rotation. The cutting blades are four time reversible and interchangeable.

Vignol rails, flat bottom rails, which have a standard strength up to 900 N/ mm2 and a profile size S7 to UIC 60 can be cut. There are some very special hardened rails which we don’t recommend to be cut. The wear of the cutter blades depends on the quality of the rails. Cutting rails with a ordinary scrap shear cannot be recommended due to shattering debris!


Rail Cutter applications

  • Demolition
  • Recycling
  • Rail cutting

Features of RC 2000 Rail Cutter

  • Wear-resistant steel has been used to decrease wearing. It is essential to build all parts that touch the material with wear-resistant material.
  • Wear-resistant cutting blades are bolt-mounted and easily reversible.
  • Axels are hardened and greasing points have been designed to make maintenance easy.
  • Rail cutters have changeable steel bushings and they have been oversized to increase lifetime.
  • Slew bearing has a double roll design to increase strength.
  • Hydraulic rotation makes positioning of Hydraulic Rail Cutters easy.
  • Hydraulic motors are equipped with double-pressure relief valves
  • Rail cutters have easily removable maintenance covers to decrease service time
  • Big cylinder ensure huge power
  • Rail cutters have well designed hydraulics to minimize overheating
  • Daily capacity 110-140 tons per day

RC 2000 is high quality rail cutter specifically designed to meet the growing needs of cutting railway rails.

Equipped with ahydraulic 360° rotation, it has a special Heavy Duty rotor that guarantees high reliability and durability.  This allows easy positioning, and accuracy handling when using this rail cutter.

The big hydraulic cylinder provides a 139t force and together with the specific jaw’s mechanism, you can cut rails UIC 60; the cylinder is set in “overturned” position to ensure maximum protection from accidental damage.

RC2000 is equipped with special cutting blades 4 times usable, to ensure high durability before any need toreplace them.

The structure, completely made of Hardox®, is heat treated to improve the mechanical strength, reliability and durability.

With over than 40 years experience, Hammer srl developed RC2000 as the main equipment for railway cutting and subways maintenance and modernization .

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