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International Attachments is a leading supplier and procurement expert of new machinery that are dedicated to high productivity, safety and that can handle the toughest challenges in any environment. We have been supplying machinery to quarry and construction related markets in the USA and Canada since 2006. To perfect our services, we offer items with good quality at the reasonable rates.

Our Vision

To be the go-to supplier for top-quality demolition and excavator equipment. To maintain a winning partnership with our customers and help shorten their job processes plus accelerate their operating procedures.

Our Mission

To offer the best mix of premium machinery and attachments that will help our customers maximize their profits in the ever-changing marketplace. Whether the project is small or big, we have wide-ranging Hydraulic Breakers, pile drivers, Crushers, Hydraulic Shears and Vibro Sheet Pile Drivers for any size of carrier. We are also a comprehensive supplier of parts for heavy equipment including EMS Vibro hammers, Mazaka pile machines and ICM breakers among several others. Similarly, we specialize and supply a range of state-of-the-art excavator attachments from the world’s leading manufacturers and respected market leaders.

Trust us, all of our equipment is durable, easy-to-maintain and can undoubtedly increase your job’s productivity. We also ensure they are thoroughly serviced so they function as expected and meet our highest quality standard before and after sales.

Here at International Attachments, we won’t sell you anything just for the money. We want you to work faster, smarter and better using premium equipment and attachments that properly match the machinery you are using. And if the part or attachment you are looking for is not shown on our site, just get in touch and we’ll find it for you.

Why choose us?

We care about making the process easy and as flawless as possible. With many satisfied clients, we have all it takes to help you improve and achieve success through quality equipment, cost management and unbeatable customer satisfaction. When you patronize us, we will listen to your needs to help us provide you with the best spare parts and equipment for the job.

Our Team

Our team of engineers is well-trained, skilled and experts in their various fields. They are regularly trained and re-trained to enable them maintain the ethics and team spirit in our company. They can also offer you professional advice and support to aid your attachment selection.








Your peace of mind is our No.1 priority. Feel free to browse our website and we would be please to get your inquiry through our “Contact Us” page.

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