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Mazaka Solar Pile Drivers

International Attachments supplies a range of Mazaka Solar Pile Drivers and Self Propelled Guardrail Post Drivers, including the popular Mazaka 1000 Solar Pile Driver.

These machines drive both steel and wooden posts/piles. They are built with quality components from reputable, globally recognized brands.

Every component is individually selected and evaluated to ensure you are getting the very best, most efficient, reliable and productive options available. These machines can be customized to meet your post driving requirements.

We also have a range of attachments including GPS systems designed for accurate and fast installation of your piles/posts.

STANDARD FEATURES • Working Lighting • Fuel Gauge • Battery Isolation Switch • Radiator Water Level Sensor • Hydraulic Tank Oil Level Sensor • Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor • Hydraulic Cylinder Load Holding Valve • Oil Cooling Radiator • Variable Flow Hydrostatic Pump

OPTIONAL FEATURES • Remote control for loading and unloading • Auger / Core Drilling / Down The Hammer / Rock Drill • GPS Piling Solution • Laser Height Control System • Hammer Model Options from 1060j to 1760j • Impulse Type Pile Extractor (for Gaurdrail only) • 5KW Hydromotor Driven Generator

International Attachments supplies four different Mazaka models:

MAZAKA 1000 [ Solar Piles ] MAZAKA 1200 [ Solar Piles ]

MAZAKA 600 [ Guardrail Posts ] [ Solar Piles ]

MAZAKA 800 [ Guardrail Posts ] [ Solar Piles ]

MAZAKA 800-S [ Guardrail Posts ] [ Solar Piles ]

GPS Systems For Solar Pile Drivers

International Attachments supplies quality, affordable GPS driving systems for solar pile drivers.

They work any kind of piling machines, drives the operator on the target point (post coordinates) in manual and automatic mode.

A clear guidance layout aids the operator to find the post position with centimetres accuracy.

STX-SUITE allows the planning of the best piling pattern directly on the field (survey with GPS + tablet + integrated software), as well as the loading of existing CAD projects (.dwg, .dxf).

AUTO LEVELLING A slope sensor with an hydraulic interface can be installed on any machine in order to assure always the best levelling accuracy of the mast along two axis.

Thanks to a dedicated software and a machine remote control, it allows to deliver centimeter accuracy.  The GPS software allows to survey and design the project layout right on the job site.

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