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The Labounty scrap shears are designed for cutting through structural steel, pipes, tanks, and iron sheets. Our demolition shears are designed to get the job done by using innovative design and fast cycle times to provide the reliability and dependability your construction needs.The Labounty excavator shears are super-efficient, able to handle everything from mixed scrap metal to structural steel. By balancing the demolition shear cylinder size, leveler arm length, and jaw depth and opening, it can help you cut more tons of metal per day, making you more money.The scrap shears feature an innovative design with reinforced steel that delivers monumental cutting forces and acceptable weights. Made entirely of HARDOX 400 steel, the Labounty demolition shears include an innovative Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) system that protects the shear from high pressure and prolongs their lifetime.


  • Innovative Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) system protects scrap shears from high pressure
  • Regenerative circuit for improved durability
  • 360 hydraulic rotation capability
  • Reversed cylinder to protect the rod
  • Interchangeable blades to cut perfectly
  • Interchangeable point to break metal completely
  • Double registers for precise blade precise alignment.

3 Year Warranty on all our products we can help to improve your job.

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