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The rugged and dependable FPV Series features fixed pulverizers specifically designed for working the ground. This is the first-rate solution to all your secondary concrete demolition and recycling needs. The FPV series is perfect for concrete pulverization and recycling pulverization work.With its wider jaw, short cycle times, and HARDOX steel construction, the FPV series recycling pulverizer eases and simplifies the processing and transporting of raw construction materials. The FPV series also provides excellent productivity in reinforced steel separation making them the go-to excavator attachment for demolition sites.This fixed concrete pulverizer machine offers strength and durability that you can depend on. It helps increase demolition and recycling speed without compromising on safety.


  • Durable HARDOX structure
  • Features a reversed cylinder that protects the rod
  • Interchangeable teeth
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Innovative Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) technology
  • Regenerative installation that boosts productivit

3 Year Warranty on all our products we can help to improve your job.

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