Drilling Rig Hydraulic System

This drilling rig is specifically designed for civil construction and piling projects and can drill to a maximum depth of 15 metres.

The KR-125M is the leading Hydraulic, CFA Rotary Drilling Rig on the market. This machine can change from transportation state into working state rapidly, allowing for greater efficiency.

Designed in strict accordance with European Union Safety Standards EN791, this machine meets the requirements of dynamic and static stability. recycling speed without compromising on safety.

  • Low noise and emissions
  • Flexible: designed for both dynamic and static stability
  • High performance: hydraulic and control systems that guarantee efficiency
  • Best Possible undercarriage
  • We use REXROTH and KAWASAKI valve and pumps
  • Latest Designs
  • Custom built to you needs
  • Delivery approx 35 to 45 days after the order is confirmed.
  • Modern Drill Buckets for clay to rock
  • Features a high-performance hydraulic and control system, designed in cooperation with Tianjin University CNC Hydraulic Institute of Technology
  • Manufactured and designed in strict accordance with European Union safety standards EN791, meeting all dynamic and static stability requirements
  • Innovative drilling depth measurement system can show higher accuracy than the average rig
  • With a full hydraulic driving head, the output torque is more stable and smooth
  • Concrete volume display system shows precise construction and depth measurements
  • The driving head can change the torque according to the construction requirements, reducing the construction cost
  • Hole accuracy is enhances by automatic vertical adjustment of the mast
  • The innovative design of luminous hot wheel can ensure construction in night is safer
  • The humanized design of the chassis back increases storage space
  • The new design of two-stage operating transport can make it more convenient to operate


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