Wood Timber Pile Driver

The Pile Driver attachment is compatible with a wide range of excavators & backhoe loaders
from 3 ton – 28 ton

The PB vibratory models have a unique patent hydraulic clamp for single operator control!


  • wood Piles/ Marine Applications
  • Pile driving for Wood and Pipe piles, 6″-12.6 ” 
  • Piling wooden/cement poles for containment of land
  • Pile driving for building barriers, Docks 
  • Pile driving in agriculture Benefits of the pile driver:
    • Fast/Time Saving – One machine completes the whole job – cutting time of positioning and driving posts
    • Cost Effective – Less manpower – manage the whole operation from the excavator cabin
    • Strong – Reliable and heavy duty
    • Versatile – Mounting bracket is interchangeable to fit different excavators along with compatible clamp to handle different sized poles
    • Maneuverability –  Working in locations reachable with the benefit of an excavator, maneuvering different pile sizes and lengthsExtra Accessories:
      • Excavator vibrating plate for ground compaction
      • High performance grabs fitted with rubber pads, for a more effective
        grip of the pole, are available for models PB301 and PB401.
      • Fork available for wood/cement pole transport



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