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Hydraulic Hammers


When it Comes to  performance IB Hydraulic Breakers…The Choice of Pros is IB breakers .

Big or small, cities or quarries, no matter what or where the demolition or excavation application is, when it comes to breaking rock, concrete or other materials, the pros continually turn to IB breakers for the toughest, most reliable hydraulic breakers in the business.

Featuring fuel-saving technology, the unique Intelligent Hydraulic System and available in 21 heavy-duty models in energy classes ranging from 200 ft.lb to 25,000 ft.lb. — the largest breaker in the world, IB hammers are system engineered to fit your brand of excavator, loader backhoe, mini-excavator, skid-steer loader or stationary boom-mount system.

Whether you’re demolishing city buildings, excavating road tunnels, removing slag from blast furnaces or performing highway maintenance, IB breakers has a hammer to fit your particular carrier, application and budget!

Adjusta Hitch Applications

Adjusta hitch Excavator Hammers are distinctively designed compared to traditional excavator hammers. These excavator hammers are built with our distinctive adjustable ears, giving the hammer more flexibility on fitting on most excavator machines, with your machine measurements, a simple one off assembly and you are on your way. Adjusta hitch excavator hammers are made from HARDOX steel for extra durability.

Fully Adjustable To Fit Multiple Machines within a Range.

Adjusta hitch owned business with our specially designed patented excavator attachments ears. Our excavator attachment gives you the option of adjusting your hammer to suit your excavator machine.

Even if you decide down the track to upgrade your excavator machine, you can keep your excavator attachments and resize the ears and use with the right size pin to fit your new machine. It’s that simple.

Features & Benefits

  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY on All models
  • Under water operational
  • Automatic BPM on Speed and Power
  • Shock absorbing head
  • Field-Replaceable Lower Unit
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Simple and Efficient Design
  • Custom Bracket Caps for all size machines
  • Power Greasing System
  • Quiet Operation
  • Single In-body Accumulator
  • Strongest Warranty Protection in the Business


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