Fixed Pulverizer

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Project Description

Fixed Pulverizer


Introducing the rugged and dependable FPV Series. Featuring pulverizers specifically designed for working the ground. This is the first rate solution to all secondary demolition needs. Additionally, this series is perfect for recycling and pulverization work. The FPV series also eases and simplifies the charging and transporting of materials.

  • HARDOX structures
  • Features a reversed cylinder to protect the rod from accidental hits
  • Have interchangeable teeth
  • Boast an innovative “PRV” (Pressure Relief Valve) to protect the pulverizer from high pressure
  • Productivity is maximized thanks to a regenerative installation within the machine that allows for fast idle movements and maximum strength thrusts in just seconds
  • Interchangeable blades

Features & Benefits

  1. New PRV System
  2. Inspection Wide Doors
  3. High Elastic Limit Steel Structure
  4. Reversed Cylinder
  5. Anti Stuck System
  6. Interchangeable Teeth
  7. Interchangeable Blades
  8. Steel Structure Not Subject to Wear


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