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The PB wood pile driver series is a powerful rugged hydraulic clamp that enables the operator to place and vibrate the pile into place. The wood pile driver allows a single operator to drive multiple piles right from inside the excavator cabin.The operator can grasp a single pile and positioning it in the vertical position by making use of the front clamp mounted on the wood pile driver. The operator is then able to vibrate the wood pile into place or extract it using the hammers supply circuit.Ideal for driving guard rails post, pier post, and other wood posts in minutes. Can also function effectively in marine and marshy pile work. Now driving wood piles from 3-50 ton carriers up to 45 feet is no longer a problem.


  • Can function in marine and marshy pile work
  • Built for a single operator
  • Simplifies the whole process
  • Safe and durable

3 Year Warranty on all our products we can help to improve your job.

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