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The MotoCut plasma steel pipe cutter and pile saw is a fully automated cutter capable of cutting through steel using plasma cutting torches to ensure a perfect cut. The steel pile saw is a fully self-contained mobile plasma cutter attachment for excavators and other construction equipment.The MotoCut steel plasma cutter can run on any compatible hydraulic excavator that features a hammer line and tiltrotor. The cutting process is fully computer controlled, resulting in improved quality and productivity when compared to other traditional steel cutting methods.The pile saw requires fewer personnel to function effectively and only requires an excavator driver reducing the number of workers needed on-site. When compared to manual cutting, the MotoCut plasma cutter offers five times higher safety and productivity.


  • Cost savings
  • No need for expensive attachments
  • Less manpower needed
  • Excellent cut quality
  • Improved safety for operators
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Can cut over 150 piles per day
  • Noise suppressing
    • Zero Waste piling
    • High quality and predictable cutting result
    • Easy to transport to the job site and attach to an excavator
    • Independent of construction site work plan and accelerates the site schedules
    • With MotoCut Pile Cutter it’s possible to place the off-cuts where desired
    • MotoCut Plasma Cutter can be attached to 14-30 tn excavators, dependent on the MotoCut model

3 Year Warranty on all our products we can help to improve your job.

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