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The heavy-duty solar pile driver is specifically designed for driving solar piles and guardrails efficiently. They are capable of installing up to 450 piles per day and feature an extendable mast for handling lengthy piles.Solar hydraulic pile drivers and guardrail machines are durable and rugged, built with high-quality components from well-known brands. They are capable of driving steel piles for solar plants/farms and also guardrails for motorway construction.They can be customized to meet your solar pile installation needs and you can increase the functionality of your machines with a range of optional attachments from GPS systems and rock drills to earth augers.

  • Powerful – Machine uses Powerful Mitsubishi Engine, hammer power is important in ensuring the pile is driven to the correct depth. Underpowered solar machines are the cause of many on-site issues.
  • Low running costs – you will get approximately 3 days’ work to fill the fuel tank, with occasional oil changes and replacement of post heads. Mitsubishi water cooled engine. These are bigger, powerful, much quieter and more suited for continous running than other post drivers with air cooled engines. Mitsubishi engines have lower servicing and low maintenance costs.
  • High functionality – Mazaka machines have the best functionality of all pile drivers on the market, with the largest selection of attachments – including DTH rock drill, auger and concrete core drill attachments. These machines can be fitted with customised hammers to suit the ground conditions and pile type.
  • Accurate – the masts on these machines have a hydraulic side shift; this is a necessity to correctly place piles in place. Note, other machines don’t normally offer this feature.


  • Custom built to suit your needs
  • Can be transported easily
  • Compact size for projects with limited space
  • Durable
  • Powerful engine and parts
  • Low running costs
  • Highly functional
  • Accurate and efficient
    • Weight: 3400 kg
    • Width: 1650 mm
    • Height: 1890 mm
    • Length: 4255 mm
    • PERKINS diesel engine: 22.5 KW/2200 rpm
    • Translation speed: 1,4 Km/h
    • Maximum slope: 30%
    • Feeding belt speed: 0-0.3 m/sec
    • Extracting speed: 0.75 m/sec
    • Loading Hopper capacity: 0.6 m/q
    • Output per hour: 6-30 m/q
    • Inlet size: 500×300 mm
    • Aggregates size: 10-80 mm


    • Pump delivery: 2×12 cc/r.
    • Working pressure: 220 bar
    • *Remote control for all the movements


    • *Anti dust system
    • *Light’s for night
    • *Magnetic belt

3 Year Warranty on all our products we can help to improve your job.

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