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The RS rotational demolition crushers are designed to satisfy most construction demolition needs, especially those that pertain to construction raw material processing. RS concrete crushers demolish concrete quickly and efficiently while reducing noise and vibrations.With great dimensions and thick teeth, the rotational crusher ensures that you’ll get an impressive penetration in concrete structures and very low maintenance costs. The concrete crusher’s updated planetary gearbox delivers accurate maneuverability and precision when positioning the machine during demolition.The rotational crusher includes an integrated hydraulic installation that permits the multi-system to make a 360° rotation in both directions for fast, accurate and efficient positioning of the jaws in any working condition. This makes it ideal for operators who use excavators with very long booms.The concrete crusher is made of reinforced HARDOX and WELDOX steel and features a two-cylinder system for improved durability and reliability. The clutching installation permits a constant 360° rotation making it perfect for excavators without a rotation installation.


  • New PRV System
  • Auto Frictioning Rotation Valve
  • Reversed Cylinder
  • Hoses Protection Carter
  • Speed Valve
  • Steel Structure Not Subject to Wear

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